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Balayage for a gorgeous natural, low maintenance  hair colour

Balayage is a French word meaning "to sweep" or "to paint". It's a low-maintenance freehand hair colouring technique which lightens your hair whilst adding shine.

It's suitable for all types and colours of hair and requires little maintenance; we advise popping in for a top up every 12 weeks.

Is balayage the right hair dying service for me?

Balayage is great if you want to brighten up your hair with a natural, low-maintenance approach.

We've explained in detail why balayage is such a fantastic hair colouring technique in this article. It's not only because it was invented in France! :)

If you're not unsure as to what the difference between balayage and highlights is, check out this article.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out our google reviews :)

Best hair salon in London! Fantastic products, the most natural-looking balayage technique and overall the most pleasant appointment experience ever! Believe the hype, it truly is worth ever penny.


Peaceful atmosphere and decoration, lovely and friendly staff. I was very comfortable
My balayage is absolutely perfect, I’m more than happy !!


We're balayage experts

Whilst mosts of our hairdressers are versatile, we have a particular expertise in balayage for 3 reasons.


Balayage is well-established in France

Balayage is the mainstream colouring technique that every hair stylist learns from a young age in France. With time, it's been perfected and further developped into many different sub-techniques.

Our senior leadership team members all honed their stkills in France, among very prestigious salons. We're now passing their knowledge onto our London hairdressers.

We train our hair stylists extensively

The training & development standards in the hairdressing industry aren't great. Hair stylists usually get one or two training(s) per year and those are often provided by a biased thirt-party - usually a hair product brand.

Each of our stars gets at least one training per month, delivered internally, and in accordance with their needs and wishes.

The more hair styling & hair colouring methods, the merrier

Most large hairdressing chains teach a single technique for balayage, highlights, women's cut etc. Their hairdressers are often forbiden to use any other techniques. Their view is that by standardising the stylists' work, they'll become more efficient and therefore quicker.

We do the exact opposite. We teach our hairdressers many different techniques, so that they can choose the most appropriate one for their clients' particular needs. As an example, we teach 5 different balayage techniques.

We're balayage experts

50 shades of balayage

50 shades of balayage
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