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Natural hair extensions north London

The best natural hair extensions in north London

Get longer, thicker hair, naturally.

Thin hair, difficulty to grow long hair... nature is sometimes unfair. We're not! Let us help you get this fuller and longer hair you've always dreamt of.

We provide the most natural looking hair extensions that will not be noticed and will blend in with your natural hair.

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Free consultation

Sit down, enjoy your complimentary coffee. Tell us what you fancy and we'll issue a quote based on you wishes.

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 Hair extensions fitting

Have a nice chat with our bubbly hair stylists while they work their magic.

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Et voilà!

You're brand new.

A simple process

2 different extension methods

Micro-ring hair extensions

For the most natural effect.


Tape hair extensions

Great value for money.

Micro rn

Micro ring hair extensions are an excellent choice for those wanting hair extensions for the first time. The micro ring method is applied to your natural hair without the use of glue, heat or chemicals. The natural hair is gently pulled through the micro ring, the stick tip is then inserted into the ring alongside the natural hair and the micro ring is squeezed shut using a hair clamp to hold the extension in place.

The removal process is equally simple and involves squeezing the micro ring to open it back up and sliding the hair extensions out using the specialised pliers.


This is gentle yet highly secure meaning that you won’t damage your hair or scalp but also won’t have to ever worry about hair falling out of place or messing around with heat and glues. They feel very flat on your head and comfortable.

Micro ring hair Extensions


  • It takes about two hours to apply a full head

  • It lasts about three months


Tape hair extensions

This method involves sandwiching your hair between two strips of tape hair extensions and pressing them together. Removal is very easy and you can re-use the hair over and over again as long as you have taken care of it. Tape is the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method available. 

Be sure to wash your hair less frequently and invest in a good dry shampoo. You should also brush your hair two or three times a day with a hair extension brush with specialized bristles that don’t pull on your extensions bond.


  • It takes about one hour to apply a full head

  • It lasts about two months

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