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All-over hair colouring to look your best, naturally

There are many reasons to dye your hair. It may be to radically change your look, to revive your natural hair colour or to cover up your grey hair.

If you want to go several shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour, single-process (also known as all-over colour or full-head colour) is the way to go. This technique changes the colour of your entire head of hair, giving you a new, one-dimensional tone that can be as dramatic or subtle as you like.

Is full-head colouring the right service for me?

As the name suggests, this technique covers the entirety of your hair with the colour of your choice. It's commonly divided into three categories. First of all, temporary colouring, which fades gradually when you wash your hair. It ages very well over time. Next, tone-on-tone colouring which is closer to your base colour and gives it shine. Finally, permanent colouring which lasts much longer. It's perfect for concealing gray hair and/or fully changing your colour.

Full head colour is a great choice if you have very short hair that can't be easily highlighted. It's also a nice option to ad warmth, or if you want to cover a considerable amount of gray hair. All-over hair dye can complement a trendy haircut that may look a little "too much" with highlights. It's also nice when you're trying to darken your hair in an uniform way. 

Keep in mind that due to root growth, full-head colouring requires regular maintenance. We recommend a touch up every four to five weeks for optimal results.


“I'm really happy with my new colour. It was a big change for me and Max took the time to really talk with me about what I wanted, what were my concerns... He listened to me, suggested the best way of doing things without being pushy and I really love my new hair! I definitely recommend!"


"Really delighted with my haircut and colouring. Margaux took time to find the colour and style I wanted and made me like my hair again after lockdown! I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, beautifully decorated and quiet that day (I went a weekday). I can really see the difference with other less natural products that were used on my scalp in the past. It comes with a price but it is worth it. I'll be back :)."


“Aaliyah did a fantastic job with my hair colour and recommended a hair mask that made my hair look glossy and healthy. Many thanks!”

50 shades of full head colour

50 shades of full head colour
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