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Eco-friendly, sustainable & responsible hair salons

Everyone has their part to play! Here at Margaux Salon, we've launched multiple initiatives to improve recycling and upcycling, promote the use of natural products, and, crucially, reduce product's waste.

Community at Margaux Salon
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Charity work

People-centric & community hair salons 

We strongly believe that every organisation and every business, no matter the size, has a great responsibility towards all its stakeholders.

Our mission is simple:

To nurture and develop a community of passionate hairdressers who deliver a great experience to our clients, in a sustainable manner.

Recycling at Margaux Salon

We use First Mile as our primary waste management service across our locations. They're an award winning zero-to-landfill company. First Mile utilises great technology to achieve an impressive 66% recycling average.


They also help their clients to easily track company recycling and CO2 emissions, allowing us to offset accordingly.

We're also in the process of implementing a way to collect and recycle hair - stay tuned!

Upcycling is the new recycling!

Most of our furniture is made from reclaimed scaffolding timber in Gloucestershire by Ethan, a very talented joiner.


ESG isn't some generic, watered-down concept reserved to big corporations: it's the combination of a strong sense of responsibility and concrete actions.

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Waste reduction

Recycling is great, but we're also commited to reducing waste: the best waste is that which is not generated at all!

That's why we've invested in a new software in our salons, which, paired with connected scales, allows us to measure and reduce colour waste.

Whilst the average salon wastes up to 40% of their colour, our aim is to keep this below the 5% mark.

Our charity work

We believe in giving back and in the power of local communities.


We take part in various local fundraising initiatives, we support local schools and we regularly partner with other local businesses to organise unique events.

Another cause close to our hearth is breast cancer prevention. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.  55,000 women get diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year. Around a third of cases are preventable. Breast cancer treatments often leave women feeling very tired. Up to 90% experience unexpected long-term sequelae as a result of treatment, including depression, loss of self confidence and issues with sexuality.

We're supporting Future Dreams Charity, which provides practical and emotional support for those diagnosed with breast cancer, promotes health awareness and funds vital secondary breast cancer research.

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