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How To Look After Your Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Have your hairdresser remove and fit your extensions every 2 months

Hair extensions are applied to a strand of hair of similar weight. We lose between 500 and 700 hairs per week. That’s why the strand that supports your extension becomes smaller and smaller over time. It is therefore very important to have your extensions brought back up regularly. We suggest every 2 months to keep healthy hair and prevent any damage. The process of bringing the extensions back up is straight forward: they’re completely removed and then put back on new, equally strong strands.

Use a wet brush

We always recommend using a wet brush to detangle your extensions.

To detangle, always hold your hair in a topknot. Start by brushing the tips, then the lengths and finish with the scalp. By brushing this way, you avoid pulling too hard on the rings and breaking your natural hair, even when you don't have extensions. We also recommend running your fingers regularly between the micro rings, so that you can untangle any small knots that may form and ensure that the extensions stay separated. Keeping an eye out for knots and a good brushing routine is very important for the health of your hair.

Use quality products to make your micro ring extensions last

To keep your extensions beautiful and soft for as long as possible, we recommend using quality products. Use products that contain little or no silicone, parabens or sulphates and are protein-free (no repair products). Shampooing is done as usual, but the movements should be gentler. Particular attention should be paid to rinsing: if the shampoo is not rinsed well, it can cause irritation. We recommend avoiding putting moisturising products near the rings, such as conditioner or masks, as this can cause your extensions to slip.

How To Look After Your Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Drying and styling

Extensions can be air dried or blow dried. The texture of the hair may change depending on the drying method. We do not recommend sleeping with wet hair at the roots, as this can lead to more tangles which can shorten the life of your extensions if the keratin supporting the hair is still wet. It is strongly recommended that you always use a heat protector before applying heat. Extensions are made of 100% human hair, so you can use flat irons or curling irons without any problem as long as you protect the hair first. The hair dryer should not be aimed directly at the bonding points - the attachment points of the extensions.

Saltwater exposure, spas and swimming pools

You can swim with the extensions without any problem. However, it is advisable to always rinse and/or wash them thoroughly afterwards. Chlorine, salts and minerals can dry out the extensions as well as your own hair. When swimming or boating, it is strongly recommended that you tie your hair up or braid it to prevent it from tangling.

How To Look After Your Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Colouring micro ring hair extensions

As the extensions are made of 100% human hair, you can dye them without any problem. However, we advise you to avoid bleaching them, as this could dry them out and damage them. The extensions are more fragile than your own hair as they’re no longer attached to a bulb. Therefore, gentler colouring products should be used, using 10 volume peroxide only. We recommend that any colouring be done by a hairdresser who is used to working with extensions. Here at Margaux Salon, we specialise in both natural hair extensions and hair colouring. Why not book your free consultation now to consider your options?

As for neutralizing shampoos (blue/purple), it is possible to use them on extensions as well, but the processing time will have to be shorter than for your natural hair, as extension hair is porous.

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Michael Davis
Michael Davis
Feb 20, 2023

Very interesting!

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