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What we do to keep our team and our clients safe

Social distancing

We have completely reorganised our salons to allow for a 2m distance between each client. We have put room dividers in place.

Team Hairsalon

We've modified our rosters so there's a maximum of 5 stylists at any given time - instead of 8!

Clock image

We allow more time for all services so our team has the time to disinfect everything after each client, including gowns and capes.

Cleaning hands

Our staff wash their hands after every single client.

We ask anyone coming to the salon for their appointment to also wash their hands on arrival.

disposable gloves

We have disposable gloves in case you want extra protection. We have hermetic clothes covers for your coat. They're disinfected after each client.

Face mask

Each team member has several reusable masks. They'll switch to a fresh, sterilised one every 4 hrs. We strongly encourage you to come with a face mask as per government advice.


We disinfect all door handles, card machine and other sensitive areas at regular intervals throughout the day.

We disinfect the whole salon on a daily basis.

disposabl cup

We have single use, disposable cups and coffee stirrers to ensure you can enjoy your drink with no contamination risk :).


We bought a UV steriliser cabinet to disinfect towels, capes, gowns, masks and all our tools

social distanciation

We are checking in with staff daily to ensure they are healthy and well, and have not been in contact with anyone ill.

latest news

We're monitoring the situation closely here in the UK and in the most severely hit countries to give us a head start.

We take this situation very seriously

It's a very challenging time and we're taking serious steps to ensure the salon is a clean and safe environment. However, unlike many other businesses, we can't work remotely and we rely on you  and your trust to keep us going. 

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