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Natulique Bond Repair: Revolutionising Hair Care Beyond Olaplex

shiny and healthy hair

Are you tired of dealing with damaged and brittle hair? Do you dream of having healthy, shiny, and vibrant locks? Look no further! Natulique, the pioneer in natural hair care, has introduced their revolutionary bond repair treatment. This innovative system is here to transform your hair and give you the luscious locks you've always desired. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair and say hello to the new era of bond repair.

Natulique Bond Repair: The New Olaplex

If you're familiar with the hair care industry, you've likely heard of Olaplex, a popular brand known for its bond repair treatments. Natulique's bond repair treatment is the new and enhanced version of Olaplex. With its plant-based, vegan ingredients and certified organic formulation, it offers a natural and sustainable alternative that delivers exceptional results. Embrace the new era of bond repair with Natulique and experience the transformative power of nature.

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Understanding the Power of Bond Repair

Hair damage is a common concern for many individuals. It can be caused by various factors such as heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors. These factors weaken the hair's internal structure, resulting in breakage, split ends, and overall hair dullness. Traditional hair treatments often fall short in repairing these damages effectively. However, the new bond repair treatment from Natulique is here to change the game.

Natulique's bond repair treatment is a three-step salon exclusive system designed to repair and rebuild broken hair bonds from the inside out. This revolutionary treatment utilises plant-based, vegan ingredients that work in harmony to restore the hair's strength, health, and manageability. Unlike other treatments, Natulique's bond repair is naturally-derived, patented, and developed in Scandinavia, setting a new standard in the hair care industry.

shiny and healthy hair

The Science Behind Natulique Bond Repair

Natulique's bond repair treatment is powered by the patented BioActive Complex. This plant-based complex consists of small micro-molecules that penetrate deep into the hair cortex, optimising interactions within the hair's keratin structure. By creating new hydrogen and ionic bonds, the BioActive Complex repairs and rebuilds the damaged internal bond structures, resulting in stronger, healthier, and shinier hair.

Not only does the bond repair treatment reverse the damage caused by heating tools, chemical services, and hair coloring, but it also provides long-lasting nourishment and protection. The treatment is suitable for all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair. Whether you're dealing with dry, damaged, or brittle hair, Natulique's bond repair treatment is here to rescue your locks.

The Three Steps to Hair Transformation

Natulique's bond repair treatment consists of three essential steps that work synergistically to repair, strengthen, and maintain the hair's integrity. Let's dive deeper into each step and understand how they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Natulique Bond Repair

Step 1: Bond Repair Intrinsic Additive

The first step in the bond repair treatment is the Bond Repair Intrinsic Additive. This professional exclusive solution repairs and rebuilds broken hair bonds from the inside out. It harnesses the power of plant-based, vegan ingredients to maintain the hair's strength, health, and manageability. With a mild and fresh scent, this additive sets the foundation for the rest of the treatment, preparing the hair for optimal repair and rejuvenation.

Step 2: Bond Repair Intrinsic Strengthener

The second step in the bond repair treatment is the Bond Repair Intrinsic Strengthener. This highly concentrated, plant-based mask is designed to repair broken hair bonds, reduce breakage, and add shine, smoothness, and intense moisture. Developed to optimise multi-bond interactions, this strengthener contains a patented bond repair complex, along with nourishing oils and extracts. It works its magic from the inside out, leaving your hair stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

Step 3: Bond Repair Intrinsic Maintenance

The final step in the bond repair treatment is the Bond Repair Intrinsic Maintenance. This mask is the key to prolonging the salon result and maintaining the health and shine of your hair. By using this mask as a weekly at-home treatment, you can strengthen your hair bonds over time and reduce breakage in between salon visits. The patented complex in this maintenance mask heals broken bonds caused by heating tools, chemical services, and hair coloring, ensuring long-lasting hair health.


Embracing the Power of Nature

Natulique is committed to providing high-quality, natural products that deliver exceptional results. Their bond repair treatment is no exception. Made with certified organic ingredients, this treatment harnesses the power of nature to repair and rebuild damaged hair. Let's take a closer look at some of the key ingredients that make this treatment truly remarkable.

shiny and healthy hair

Broccoli Seed Oil

Broccoli Seed Oil is a hero ingredient in Natulique's bond repair treatment. It adds moisturizing fatty acids and essential vitamins to promote healthy hair growth. This nourishing oil helps restore the hair's natural shine and vitality, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil is another star ingredient that strengthens individual hair strands and prevents dryness. Rich in vitamins and minerals, such as copper and zinc, this oil provides deep hydration and nourishment to the hair, leaving it revitalised and resilient.

Oat Kernel Extract

Oat Kernel Extract is known for its ability to reduce hair breakage and split ends. This extract hydrates each individual hair strand, improving its elasticity and preventing further damage. With Oat Kernel Extract, your hair will feel stronger, more flexible, and less prone to breakage.

Jasmine Flower Extract

Jasmine Flower Extract is a powerful ingredient that strengthens hair roots, prevents brittleness, and enhances shine. This extract adds a touch of luxury to the bond repair treatment, leaving your hair not only healthier but also beautifully fragrant.


Get Your Natulique Bond Repair Treatment Today

Ready to revive your hair and bring it back to life? Visit our website to book an appointment and experience the power of the bond repair treatment firsthand. Our professional stylists will guide you through the three-step process, customising the treatment to suit your hair's unique needs. Say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you with Natulique bond repair.


Natulique's bond repair treatment is revolutionising the hair care industry. With its plant-based, vegan ingredients and certified organic formulation, this treatment offers a natural and sustainable solution to damaged, dull, and brittle hair. The three-step system repairs and rebuilds broken hair bonds, resulting in stronger, healthier, and more vibrant hair. Embrace the power of nature and join the Natulique family today to experience the transformative effects of bond repair. Say hello to beautiful, luscious locks and bid farewell to hair woes once and for all.

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