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Say Goodbye to Dull Hair! Discover the Benefits of Babylights Hair Colouring

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Are you looking for a way to add a bit of spark to your dull and lifeless hair? If so, then you must have heard of babylights. It's a trend that has been gaining immense popularity in recent years and has become one of the go-to options for those who want to upgrade their look. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits and advantages of babylights hair colouring, and how you can get the perfect look for your hair.

What are Babylights?

Babylights are a type of balayage technique that provides a soft, sun-kissed look to the hair. It can be used on all hair types and textures. It's perfect for those who want to add a bit of dimension to their hair without it being too noticeable. With this style, you can create subtle highlights that add depth and dimension to your hair. It is also a great option for those who want to make their hair look fuller and thicker.

Benefits of Babylights

Babylights are perfect for those who are looking for a low-maintenance colouring option. This technique requires very little maintenance and can last up to three months without needing to be touched up. Additionally, babylights are also great for those who want to add some colour to their hair without it being too obvious.

Another benefit of babylights is that they tend to be more affordable than traditional colouring methods such as highlights in the long run, because they require far less maintenance. The babylights technique is also great for those who want to add some highlights to their hair without it being too noticeable.

What is the Difference Between Babylights and Balayage?

The main difference between babylights and balayage is that babylights are applied in thin, wispy strands, while balayage is applied in thicker, more solid strands. Click here to read more about the differences between balayage and highights.

How to Choose the Right Colour for Babylights

When choosing the right colour for your babylights, it's important to consider your natural hair colour and texture, your skin tone, as well as the type of look you're after. For example, if you are looking for a more natural look, then you should opt for a colour that is close to your natural hair colour. If you are looking for a bolder look, then you should opt for a colour that is a few shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour.

Maintenance and Care After Applying Babylights

Once you have applied your babylights, it is important to take proper care of them to ensure that they last as long as possible. The first step is to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for coloured hair. This will help to keep your colour vibrant and make sure that it does not fade too quickly.

It's also important to use a heat-protectant spray when styling your hair. This will help to protect your babylights from the heat of styling tools, as well as from the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, you should use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner, as this will help to keep your babylights looking their best. Lastly, it's also good practice to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week: this will help to add moisture to your hair, as well as to keep your babylights looking vibrant and healthy.

How Long Do Babylights Last?

The longevity of babylights depends on a few factors, such as the colour of your hair, the type of colouring technique used, and the quality of the products used. In general, and like other balayage techniques, babylights can last up to three months without needing to be touched up. It's one of the reasons why we like balayage so much here at Margaux Salon. Discover the other benefits of this underated hair colouring technique here.

It is important to keep in mind that this can be affected by your lifestyle and hair care routine. For example, if you use a lot of heat-styling tools and/or spend a lot of time in the sun, then your babylights may fade more quickly.

How to Find a Stylist for Babylights

When looking for a stylist for babylights, it's worth doing some research to find one who has experience in this type of colouring technique. You should also look for a hair salon that uses high-quality products and has a good reputation.

It can also help to book a free consultation with the stylist before committing to the procedure. This will allow you to get an idea of what to expect from the service and to discuss any concerns you may have. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions, to get a better understanding of the process, its duration and of the cost involved.

Here at Margaux Salon, we've got a bit of a reputation for all things colouring. Book your free consultation now to discuss the best options for your hair and to get the perfect babylights for your hair.

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