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Natuliue organic product

That’s why we carefully choose the products used for all consultations. We’ve partnered with brands that produce quality treatments while using the least amount of chemicals possible.

Natulique - natural and organic ranges

True pioneer in the beauty industry, Natulique use as many certified organic ingredients in all of their hair care and colours as possible. Their products are 100% ammonia free and give outstanding results.

Natural hair colouring

Natural hair colour

Organic hair care

Organic hair care


Rene Furterer - plant based treatments

Plant-based hair care products offering the luxury of being both ultra-effective and highly appealing to the senses.

Rene furtere

Peggy sage

Peggy Sag

Peggy Sage is a professional brand that for more than 90 years has been putting its expertise to work in manicure products, artificial nail construction & nail art.  Their philosophy is to offer an extensive selection of colours and textures, constant innovation and impeccable quality.