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An In-depth Guide to Hair Gloss Treatments: Unleashing the Secret to Vibrant and Healthy Hair

Hair gloss treatment - red hair

Hair colouring is a subtle art that requires a balance between achieving the perfect shade and maintaining the health of your strands. While traditional hair dyes can sometimes leave your hair looking dull and feeling dry, there's a secret weapon that can keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy: hair gloss treatments. If you're new to the world of hair colouring or simply looking for a low-commitment way to enhance your colour, hair gloss could be your hair's new best friend.

Another, more dramatic alternative is the new hair botox treatment, which helps to repair and rejuvenate damaged, frizzy, and lifeless hair.

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What is a Hair Gloss Treatment?

A hair gloss treatment is a semi-permanent hair colouring solution that works by depositing colour onto your hair without altering its internal structure. It acts as a tone adjustor and hair strengthener, enhancing the natural or already-coloured hair whilst reducing frizz and adding an enviable shine.

Hair gloss treatments are typically free of ammonia, which means they do not lift the hair's natural pigment, thereby reducing the risk of damage. They are also formulated with a lower pH level than other hair colour options, making them gentler on your hair.

The Science Behind Hair Gloss Treatments

Unlike traditional hair dyes that penetrate deep into the hair shaft, hair gloss treatments work by depositing a layer of colour onto the hair cuticle. This temporary pigment expands inside the hair cuticle and gradually washes away over time. The result is a subtle enhancement of your existing hair colour, rather than a drastic change.

This process also helps to seal the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier hair. The low pH level of hair gloss treatments helps to close the hair cuticle, locking in colour and moisture for healthier, glossier locks.

If you're looking for a very gentle way to treat your hair, there are alternative products made with all-natural ingredients.

Hair gloss treatment - blonde long hair

Types of Hair Gloss Treatments

Hair gloss treatments can be broadly categorised into two types: semi-permanent and demi-permanent. Both varieties offer similar benefits, including enhancing colour, boosting shine, and improving hair health. However, they differ in their staying power.

While some believe that semi-permanent glosses last longer than demi-permanent ones, both versions typically last for about four to six weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair. To get the most out of your hair gloss treatment, it's recommended to shampoo your hair less frequently.

In terms of colour options, hair gloss treatments come in a variety of shades, including clear, ash, pearl, soft violet, and chocolate. Clear gloss simply adds shine without changing your hair colour, while coloured glosses can subtly adjust your hair's tone or enhance its existing colour.

Benefits of a Hair Gloss Treatment

Hair gloss treatments come with a host of benefits that go beyond simply changing your hair colour. Here's what you can expect from a hair gloss treatment:

  1. Tone Adjustment: Hair gloss treatments can be used to fine-tune your hair's colour, making it darker, brighter, or more even-toned.

  2. Shine Enhancement: One of the key benefits of hair gloss treatments is their ability to add a glossy sheen to your hair. Your locks will look healthier and more vibrant after a gloss treatment.

  3. Hair Strengthening: Hair gloss treatments not only improve the appearance of your hair but also nourish and strengthen it. This is particularly beneficial for hair that is damaged or has a high porosity.

  4. Long-lasting Colour: As the colour from a gloss treatment is deposited onto the hair cuticle, it tends to last longer than traditional hair dyes. You can expect your gloss treatment to last for about four to six weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair.

  5. Low Maintenance: Hair gloss treatments are a low-maintenance option for those who want to change their hair colour without the commitment of a permanent dye. As the colour gradually fades over time, there's no harsh line of demarcation or noticeable roots as your hair grows out.

Hair gloss treatment - brunette long hair

The Hair Gloss Treatment Process

Traditionally, hair gloss treatments are performed in a salon by a professional stylist. The process starts with a thorough hair wash to ensure your hair is clean and ready for the treatment. The gloss is then applied to your damp hair and left to process for about 10-25 minutes.

Once the treatment time is up, the stylist will rinse your hair and finish with a blow-dry, revealing shiny, vibrant, and healthy-looking hair. The entire process typically takes about an hour from start to finish.

Can You Gloss Your Hair at Home?

While salon treatments provide a bespoke gloss tailored to your hair's needs, at-home gloss treatments are also available. However, professionals generally advise against attempting an at-home hair gloss treatment without the necessary experience, as incorrect application can result in uneven colour distribution or unwanted colour changes.

If you prefer to perform a hair gloss treatment at home, opt for a less-permanent glaze rather than a gloss. These are easier to use and provide similar benefits, including a colour boost and enhanced shine.

Hair gloss treatment - long red hair

How to Maintain Your Hair Gloss

After a hair gloss treatment, it's essential to take care of your hair to maintain the colour and shine. Here are a few tips for maintaining your gloss:

  1. Use Colour-Safe Products: Always use a shampoo and conditioner that is safe for colour-treated hair. These products are formulated without harsh sulfates, dyes, or parabens that can strip colour from your hair.

  2. Limit Heat Styling: Excessive heat styling can cause your gloss to fade more quickly. Always use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair, and try to let your hair air dry whenever possible.

  3. Avoid Chlorinated Water: Chlorine can strip colour from your hair, causing your gloss to fade more quickly. If you swim regularly, consider wearing a swim cap to protect your hair.

  4. Use a Hair Mask: Regular deep conditioning treatments can help maintain the health and shine of your hair. Consider using a hair mask once a week to keep your hair looking its best.


Hair gloss treatments are a fantastic way to enhance your natural or coloured hair without the damage associated with traditional hair dyes. They offer a host of benefits, including tone adjustment, shine enhancement, and improved hair health. So, whether you're new to hair colouring or simply looking for a low-commitment way to enhance your locks, consider giving hair gloss treatments a try.

Remember, while at-home treatments are available, it's always best to consult with a professional for the best results. And don't forget to take care of your hair after the treatment to maintain your gloss's vibrant colour and shiny finish. After all, healthy hair is always in style.

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