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Exploring the "Cowboy Copper" Hair Dye Trend: The Ultimate Guide

Are you eager to revamp your hair and step into autumn with a fresh, vibrant look? The "Cowboy Copper" hair dye colour has been turning heads, and we're here to unpack all the details. This article will guide you through the ins and outs of this trend, from formulation tips to the best ways to maintain the colour.

Cowboy copper hair

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"Cowboy Copper" is one of the hottest hair dye trends coming into the autumn season. This hue, which is a blend of warm browns and deep reds, is taking the beauty world by storm. It's been seen on celebrities and influencers alike, and it's a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Understanding the Cowboy Copper Trend

The Cowboy Copper hair colour is a unique blend of warm, earthy tones that evoke images of autumn leaves and cosy firesides. It's the perfect blend of reddish-brown hues with a touch of copper that adds a rich warmth to your hair.

This trend is named "Cowboy Copper" because the colour is reminiscent of the leather tones commonly found in cowboy gear. It's a hair dye trend that's all about embracing a warmer, more natural look that's perfect for the upcoming cooler months.

man dressed up as a cowboy posing outside
Photo by Surprising_Shots on pixabay

The Chemistry Behind Cowboy Copper Hair Dye

The secret behind the Cowboy Copper trend lies in the art of hair colour formulation. The colour is achieved by adding more brown to the mixture, resulting in a hue that's a bit deeper and darker than traditional copper. If you add more red to the mix, you'll get a more traditional copper colour.

This is where your natural hair colour plays a role in determining the outcome of the shade. For those with darker hair, the Cowboy Copper trend might result in a gorgeous warm brown with a hint of copper. For those with lighter hair, the result might be a more vibrant, fiery copper colour.

How to Achieve the Cowboy Copper Look

Achieving the Cowboy Copper look requires the right balance of colour formulation and application techniques. Here are some tips to help you get the look:

  • For Bright Blondes: If you're a blonde looking to transition to Cowboy Copper, you'll need a gloss that deposits colour evenly without pulling too much orange. Aim for a mid-range level to avoid depositing too dark pigment, which could fade into a bright orange or peach tone.

  • For Brunettes: If you're a brunette, the Cowboy Copper trend might be easier to achieve. The colour will either match your natural level of lightness or appear slightly lighter or darker. Your natural brown hair will take the tone without any interference from past colour.

  • For Curly Hair: If you have curly hair, you might need a quick lightening session before going Cowboy Copper. To avoid losing your curly hairstyle's silhouette, create highs and lows with colour. For this trend, hand-painted techniques work better than foils.

Cowboy copper hair

The Role of Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone plays a significant role in determining how the Cowboy Copper hair dye will look on you.

  • For Darker Skin Tones: The Cowboy Copper trend is highly complementary for those with darker skin tones. The warm, light auburn hue with subtle hints of gold and copper can give a radiant glow to your skin and brighten light-coloured eyes.

  • For Fairer Skin Tones: For those with fairer skin tones, it's better to lean towards a more classic copper shade. The warmth of the copper hues can brighten your complexion and enhance the colour of your eyes.

Maintaining Your Cowboy Copper Hair

Maintaining your Cowboy Copper hair involves a few key steps:

  • Regular Salon Visits: Plan for monthly salon visits to refresh your colour and keep it vibrant.

  • Use Colour Care Shampoos and Conditioners: Invest in products that are specially formulated for colour-treated hair.

  • Avoid Hot Water: While washing your hair, try to use lukewarm or cool water, as hot water can cause your colour to fade faster.

  • Limit Heat Styling: Heat can damage your hair and cause the colour to fade. Try to limit the use of heat styling tools and always use a heat protectant.

  • Use Hair Masks: Regularly use hair masks to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Products to Help you Maintain the Look

There are several products on the market that can help you maintain your Cowboy Copper hair:

  • Nourishing Shampoos and Conditioners: These products are designed to provide the hydration your hair needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

  • Colour Care Products: These products are designed to help maintain the longevity of your hair dye and prevent fading.

  • Heat Protectants: If you use heat styling tools, a heat protectant is a must to prevent damage and colour fading.

  • Hair Masks: Regular use of hair masks can help to nourish your hair and maintain the vibrancy of your colour.

Expert Tips for Cowboy Copper Hair

Here are some expert tips to help you achieve the perfect Cowboy Copper look:

  • Consult a Professional: It's always a good idea to consult a professional colourist to help you achieve the perfect Cowboy Copper look. They can help you choose the right shade and provide tips on how to maintain your colour.

  • Use Quality Hair Dye: Not all hair dyes are created equal. Make sure to use a high-quality hair dye that is designed to provide long-lasting, vibrant colour.


In conclusion, the Cowboy Copper hair dye trend is a warm and inviting colour that's perfect for the autumn season. It offers a fresh take on the traditional copper hair colour, adding a touch of earthy brown for a softer, more natural look. Whether you're a blonde, brunette, or somewhere in between, this trend can be adapted to suit your natural hair colour and skin tone.

Remember, the key to rocking any hair colour trend is to make it your own. Don't be afraid to experiment and try something new. After all, your hair is your canvas, and the Cowboy Copper hair dye trend is your next masterpiece. Happy colouring!

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