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The Beauty of Coloured Hair Extensions: A Safer Alternative to Traditional Hair Dye

Colouring your hair can be an exciting way to express your individual style. However, the harsh chemicals found in many mainstream hair dyes can damage your hair and even impact your health. But, don't fret! Besides natural hair dye, there's a safer alternative that can give you the pop of colour you desire without the potential harm: coloured hair extensions. In this article, we will delve into the world of coloured hair extensions, exploring their benefits and how they compare to traditional hair dye.

Ombre looking hair with coloured hair extensions

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The Dark Side of Hair Dye

Hair dye may seem like a harmless beauty product, but it's often packed with harmful chemicals that can damage your hair and scalp. Whilst there are now safer, natural alternatives now available, most mainstream colour brands still contain heavy chemichal components. In this section, we’ll discuss why you might want to rethink reaching for that box of hair dye.

1. The Chemical Cocktail

Hair dye can contain harsh chemicals that can be unforgiving to your hair and scalp. Some of the most common harmful chemicals found in hair dye include:

  • Ammonia: This chemical is used to open up the hair shaft so that the dye can penetrate. However, it can leave your hair dry and brittle, leading to breakage and frizz.

  • Resorcinol: This is a common allergen that can lead to skin irritations and even disrupt your immune system.

  • PPD (para-phenylenediamine): This is used to create darker shades of hair dye. Exposure to PPD can lead to eye irritation, dermatitis, and even more severe health issues such as renal failure or asthma.

  • Ethanol Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol): This is used to help the dye absorb into the hair, but it can leave your hair extremely dry post-colouring.

  • Parabens: These preservatives are often used to prevent the growth of bacteria in hair dye. However, there is little evidence to support their efficacy and they may even disrupt hormonal function.

At this stage, we'd like to emphasize that all our hair dye are as gentle as it gets, and are PPD, parabens & Ammonia-free.

2. Potential Health Risks

The chemicals mentioned above don't just affect your hair; they can also impact your overall health. Frequent exposure to these chemicals can lead to a variety of health issues, ranging from respiratory problems and skin conditions to more severe conditions like asthma and lung infection.

3. Potential Damage to Your Hair

The harsh chemicals contained in mainstream hair dye can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Over time, this can lead to hair breakage, split ends, and a dull, lifeless appearance. This is especially true for bleaching, which is an aggressive process. That's why we recommend more natural and subtle colouring techniques, such as balayage, than all-over bleach.

4. Temporary Results & Maintenance

Another drawback of hair dye is that the results are temporary. This means that you'll have to reapply the dye every few weeks to maintain the colour, which can further damage your hair.

Ombre looking hair with coloured hair extensions

The Colourful World of Hair Extensions

Now that we've explored the potential pitfalls of traditional hair dye, let's take a look at a safer and more hair-friendly alternative: coloured hair extensions.

1. What Are Coloured Hair Extensions?

Coloured hair extensions are hair pieces that you can clip, tape, or weave into your natural hair to add length, volume, and of course, colour! They come in a wide range of colours and styles, so you can experiment with different looks without committing to a permanent change.

2. The Benefits of Coloured Hair Extensions

Coloured hair extensions offer a myriad of benefits over traditional hair dye. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider making the switch:

  • No Damage: Since hair extensions are attached to your natural hair rather than applied directly to it, they won't cause any damage. This means you can enjoy a vibrant new colour without worrying about harming your hair.

  • Easy to Apply: Hair extensions are incredibly easy to apply. You can simply clip them into your hair for an instant transformation, or opt for tape-ins or sew-in weaves for a more long-term look.

  • Versatile: With hair extensions, you can change your look as often as you like. Want to rock pink hair for a day, then switch to blue the next? No problem! Hair extensions make it easy to experiment with different colours without the commitment of dye.

  • Added Volume: In addition to adding colour, hair extensions can also add volume to your hair. This is particularly beneficial for those with thin or fine hair.

  • Cost-Effective: While hair extensions may have a higher upfront cost than hair dye, they can actually save you money in the long run. This is because they don't require frequent touch-ups and can last for several months with proper care.

Ombre looking hair with coloured hair extensions

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions for You

When it comes to hair extensions, you have several options to choose from. Here's a quick rundown of the different types and what they offer:

  • Clip-ins: These are perfect for those who want a temporary change. They're easy to apply and remove, and they don't require any special care.

  • Tape-ins: These are a more long-term option and are usually applied by a professional. They can last for several weeks and provide a seamless blend with your natural hair.

  • Sew-in Weaves: These are great for those who want to add length and volume to their hair. They are sewn into your natural hair and can last for several months with proper care.

When choosing hair extensions, it's important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and hair type. A professional hair stylist can help you make the best choice for your needs.


While hair dye can offer a fun way to change up your look, the potential damage it can cause to your hair and health might make you think twice. Thankfully, coloured hair extensions offer a safer and more versatile alternative. Not only do they provide the vibrant colour you're looking for, but they also add volume and length to your hair without any damage.

So next time you're itching for a change, why not consider coloured hair extensions? They offer all the fun of hair dye without any of the drawbacks.

This article was brought to you by Margaux Salon. We operate natural boutique salons in London, with a focus on long term sustainability for your and for the planet.

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