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Revamp Your Look with the Biscuit Brunette Trend in 2024

Stepping into 2024, the biscuit brunette colour trend is setting the pace for winter hair fashion with its warm, multi-tonal beige-golden undertones that promise a radiant yet low-maintenance update for dark locks. Known for its versatility, this hair trend effortlessly adapts to a range of skin tones and is also fondly referred to as Kitty Brunette, echoing the nuanced shades found in tabby cats.

rear view photography of a sophisticated woman, with long, blowdried, biscuit brunette hair, facing an indoor wall covered with dense and varied indoors plant

As a standout hair trend, biscuit brunette not only rejuvenates your look but embraces the allure of subtlety through a unique blend of chocolates, golds, and taupes, tailored to complement each individual. If you're ready to revitalise your hair this season with a colour trend that’s as practical as it is stylish, biscuit brunette may just be your perfect match.

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What is Biscuit Brunette

Biscuit Brunette is a delightful hair colour trend that's been capturing hearts and is set to remain a favourite through 2024. Here's what makes it so special:

  1. Tonal Variety: It's a multi-tonal shade that weaves together soft, muted hues with beige-golden undertones, offering a warm yet neutral palette. This low-contrast colour provides a subtle dimension, giving your hair a delicate and sophisticated look.

  2. Customisable Warmth: Whether you're after a cooler vibe or a touch warmer to suit your skin tone, Biscuit Brunette can be tailored just for you. It's the perfect choice for those wanting to lighten their locks without the commitment of bleaching, especially for those with curly hair where maintaining curl integrity is key.

  3. Seasonal Versatility: While Biscuit Brunette has been a hit for the winter with its deeper, neutral tones, it's also a low-maintenance trend for the summer, influenced by the shifts in lifestyle brought on by the pandemic. This trend involves playful highlights of muted blonde and light brown, adding an extra charm to your appearance.

The Biscuit Brunette trend is more than just a colour; it's about embracing a spectrum of brunette shades, from the warmth of cinnamon to the coolness of ash, all while ensuring your hair's health with a high-gloss finish. It's a softer, more natural alternative to the dramatic Ox blood red, offering a rich brown colour with just a hint of red for those seeking a cooler-toned 'bronde'. Whether you opt for brighter oaty hues, warm caramel biscuit highlights, or an ombré-balayage hybrid, the Biscuit Brunette trend provides a rich palette of options to revamp your look.


The Appeal of Biscuit Brunette

The allure of Biscuit Brunette lies in its remarkable versatility and the ease with which it elevates one's natural beauty.

rear view photography of a sophisticated woman, with long, blowdried, biscuit brunette hair, facing an indoor wall covered with dense and varied indoors plant

Here's why it's capturing the limelight:

  • Versatility for Various Skin Tones: Biscuit Brunette is celebrated for its adaptability to a wide range of skin tones, offering a "better than natural" look that many find irresistible. This chameleon-like quality ensures that whether you're fair, olive, or dark-skinned, there's a shade of Biscuit Brunette that can be customised to enhance your natural complexion.

  • Curly Hair Friendly: For those with curly tresses seeking a lighter hue, Biscuit Brunette is a godsend. It allows for experimentation with lighter shades without the harshness of bleaching, thus maintaining the integrity of those enviable curls.

  • Low-Maintenance Glamour: This trend is synonymous with low-maintenance, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to refresh their look without the constant upkeep. The strategic placement of biscuit highlights towards the ends can create a minimalistic yet impactful style that lasts for months, simplifying hair care routines.

By incorporating cooler tones to neutralise unwanted warmth, Biscuit Brunette also helps combat brassiness that brunettes often contend with. Inspired by the artistry of Hailey Bieber's hairstylist, Amanda Lee, the luxe biscuit bases and soft biscuit and caramel tones are now a staple in high-end salons like Margaux Salon in London, signifying its status as a sought-after winter hair colour trend. Moving towards natural aesthetics, Biscuit Brunette embraces the trend of subtle highlights and lowlights, contributing to its growing popularity and the forecasted continuation into 2024.


How to Achieve the Biscuit Brunette Look

Achieving the coveted Biscuit Brunette look is an artful process that involves a blend of techniques to ensure your dark locks are transformed with depth and sophistication.

rear view photography of a sophisticated woman, with long, blowdried, biscuit brunette hair, facing an indoor wall covered with dense and varied indoors plant

Here's how to get started on your journey to biscuit perfection:

  1. Tone Management: The first step is adding slices of cooler tones to the hair. This technique helps to mute any unwanted warm tones while preserving the depth of your natural colour. It's a delicate balance that can even out your overall hair tone, giving it that bespoke Biscuit Brunette appeal.

  2. Strategic Colour Application: To transition to a Biscuit Brunette shade, your colourist will strategically apply a combination of lowlights, highlights, and employ a natural colour melt technique. This method ensures a seamless blend of colours, creating a multi-dimensional look that's both natural and striking.

  3. Consultation and Inspiration: Before you take the plunge, it's essential to consult with a trustworthy colourist. Bring along inspiration photos from the article to give your hairdresser a clear idea of the 'biscuit brunette' trend you're aiming for. This collaboration will help tailor the trend to suit your individual style and hair type .

Remember, the key to a stunning Biscuit Brunette look is in the subtlety and precision of the colour application, so choosing a skilled colourist is paramount. With their expertise, you can achieve a harmonious blend of hues that will revamp your look for 2024.


Celebrity Inspirations

When it comes to Biscuit Brunette, celebrities are often our go-to for inspiration, and they haven't disappointed with this trend. Here are some of the trendsetters:

  • Hailey Bieber: Styled by Amanda Lee, Hailey's hair has become the epitome of the Biscuit Brunette trend, with its multi-tonal beige and golden hues that work beautifully to complement her skin tone and features.

  • Halle Berry: Known for setting trends, Halle Berry's adoption of the Biscuit Brunette look showcases its versatility and how it can add a sophisticated touch to any style.

  • A-List Variations: The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and Lily Aldridge have all been seen sporting variations of light brown shades that fall perfectly within the Biscuit Brunette spectrum. Their looks demonstrate the trend's adaptability, whether it's through subtle highlights or richer, deeper tones.

With these celebrities embracing Biscuit Brunette, they've not only validated its status as a must-try trend but also provided us with a range of interpretations to draw from. Whether you're looking to add some warmth to your winter look or planning ahead for a summer style, these celebrity inspirations are a testament to the colour's universal appeal and timeless elegance.


Maintaining Your Biscuit Brunette

Maintaining your Biscuit Brunette hue involves a bit of know-how and the right products to ensure your colour stays vibrant and your hair remains healthy.

rear view photography of a sophisticated woman, with long, blowdried, biscuit brunette hair, facing an indoor wall covered with dense and varied indoors plant

Here are some tips to keep your dark locks looking luscious:

  • Colour-Safe Products: Switch to a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner like L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Intensive Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are designed to preserve colour and care for damaged, processed hair fibres, keeping your Biscuit Brunette shade looking fresh [14].

  • Deep Conditioning: Before colouring, treat your hair to a moisturising deep conditioner and continue using it weekly. This practice minimises breakage and dullness. A pro tip is to apply a small amount of conditioner before swimming to protect against chlorine damage.

  • Washing Techniques:

  • Limit hair washes to slow colour fade and use a dry shampoo with panthenol and vitamin E on non-wash days.

  • Rinse hair with cold water post-conditioning to seal the cuticle and preserve colour.

  • Sun Protection:

  • Wear a hat to protect your hair colour from sun-induced fading.

  • Use a heat protectant when using heat styling tools to prevent the colour from becoming porous and fading.

  • Apply a shine enhancer to moisturise and protect your hair from the sun.

  • Colour Application: Avoid colouring over previously coloured hair to prevent over-processing and uneven results. Focus touch-ups on regrowth only and consider using an enhancing treatment like Tint Rinse to stay vibrant between applications.

  • Gentle Handling: Whether styling your hair straight or curly, handle it gently to maintain colour integrity.

  • UV Protection: Incorporate UV-protecting sprays, leave-in conditioners, or wash duos into your hair care routine to protect against fading in the sun.

  • Sulfate-Free Options: Use colour protectant haircare lines, such as sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, to avoid harsh chemicals like sulfates which can cause fading.

  • Regular Salon Upkeep: Regular visits to the salon for gloss treatments and trims are essential to maintain the sophisticated look of the Expensive Brunette trend, which focuses on subtle variations of tone and depth for a lustrous appearance.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Biscuit Brunette locks remain as delectable as the day they were coloured, with minimal maintenance allowing for personal preference in boosting or growing out the colour.



Throughout this exploration of the Biscuit Brunette trend, we've uncovered its innate ability to transform and rejuvenate your look. Known for its customisable warmth and gentle gradations of tone, the trend triumphs in versatility, adapting with ease to a myriad of skin tones and personal styles. It presents itself as the quintessential choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet high-impact update to their aesthetic. The aesthetic allure of the trend, coupled with its celebrity endorsements, suggests it's not merely a fleeting fancy but a lasting movement within the world of beauty.

As the Biscuit Brunette wave continues to ripple through 2024, embracing your individuality through this hair trend becomes an act of self-expression. For those inspired to embark on this colour journey, remember to nurture your locks with the appropriate aftercare to maintain the vibrancy and health of your chosen hue. And if the Biscuit Brunette calls to you, the ideal opportunity to refine your personal palette awaits – Book Your Free Colouring Consultation Now. Take the step to redefine your look with sophistication and subtlety, one shade at a time.



What is the trending brunette hair colour for 2024? The Caramel Brunette is the sought-after hair colour for those favoring brunette tones in 2024. This luxurious combination of deep brown and caramel hues is designed to create a classic and natural appearance that highlights your inherent beauty.

What are the popular blonde highlights for 2024? In 2024, Honey Highlights are expected to be the leading trend for adding brightness and a warm glow to hair. These highlights can be interwoven with a brunette base or used to amplify a blonde base, offering a customisable and sun-kissed look.

Can you explain the 'wealthy brunette' hair trend? The 'Expensive Brunette' hair colour is not just a color, but an embodiment of luxury and sophistication. It's characterised by its shiny, warm, and natural appearance, with a rich depth of colour that seems to sparkle under the light. This trend is about achieving an opulent and polished look that resonates with a lavish lifestyle.

Will the money piece highlight be fashionable in 2024? Yes, the money piece, also recognised as the face-framing highlight, continues to be a fashionable choice in 2024. This hair trend is anticipated to remain popular, offering a striking highlight that accentuates the face.

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